Wednesday, September 21, 2011

K-Dub's Home Run

Firstly I must admit I have been a Kendra Wilkinson fan since season one of The Girls Next Door, where she was featured as one of Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends. Furthermore, I will totally admit I found her positively enchanting and felt she offered something a bit more fun and real on the show. I didn’t watch her and feel like I was watching something scripted and annoying. To be completely open and honest here, I pretty much had loathed all reality television until watching The Girls Next Door. Now while I can’t say what it was exactly that pulled me in to start with, I can say I quickly grew fond of all three girls. Though, Wilkinson was always a personal favorite on it. So I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when she came out with her spin-off series simply titled, Kendra. All of that alone, would likely make the impression that I would simply just eat up anything she put out into the world. I however, was almost nervous about actually reading her life story despite how excited I was when it was released back in July of 2010 – and all the way leading up until I was finally able to attain a copy recently. The problem was that no matter how ‘real’ she came across to me on her shows, in interviews and how much I had grown to simply adore her – there was a part of me that had honestly been prepared to read a lot of fluff and silliness.