Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home Sweet Coffee

So I’ve been home since Sunday night, but instead of sitting right down to blog that night I was a little preoccupied mending a migraine. I did some stuff online that night once my migraine did indeed settle down more, but nothing too dramatic that caused me to use actual brain power like writing something does. I’m happy to say I’m mostly headache free today, as I continue my ventures of catching up now that I’m home. LOL! Sunday night was also laundry night (oh yeah, a headache won’t stop me from doing the wash). Yesterday was visiting with my friend Melly Belly (yep, sticking to the nicknames) and today is washing my bedding and perhaps some other light cleaning around. That’s at least the plan. There is a slight headache there after all and I may just let it slide one more day.

Not that I’m usually feeling so lazy with my upkeep, but gosh we’re all entitled to a couple lazy days out of the year right? Plus I swear I’m having one of those days where I just can’t seem to fully wake up. I’m not sure if it’s from the tossing and turning last night. Or perhaps my body is trying to signal to me that I need to go back to bed for a couple hours and rest for a while. Either way I find myself sucking down the coffee. Not that coffee really affects me as far as waking me up or settling me down, but I’m still chugging it down for all it’s worth! Well, I take that back… some specialty coffees like espresso and cappuccinos can sometimes give me a caffeine buzz as it were, given I don’t usually drink those. However my friends, those scenarios are for discussion on another day!

Today I prolong my off-putting of doing more wash. Or getting some dusting caught up. I’m also considering running the vacuum cleaner. There’s also a guest post I want to (and have been desperately wanting to) write up for someone’s blog. The topic is there in my head, it’s just a matter of snapping myself together and doing it at this point! Alright… another sip of coffee down and I’m telling myself I’m going to be doing some wash at least today. Maybe tomorrow can be my completely lazy day – maybe. We’ll see what happens, but logic is starting to kick in more that if I just get it done now, I won’t have to do it later. So yes I do believe this means I’m off to continue my catching up off screen, while keeping some coffee close by me at all times today! LOL!

--XOXO, Jane